Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Development Kits Live!

Thanks to Nathan from California, the first Fabfi development kit went out the door today.  With the Monday holiday, I had the chance to do a little fit testing of the hardware on a spare pole I had lying around.  The itelite enclosure with integrated 18dBi dual-polarization patch took some modifications to mount the RouterStation, but was very robust and had a solid rubber gasket and grooved interface around the edges to keep water out.  The built-in ethernet extension plug was also a nice touch.  19" pigtails for the external antennas exit through an optional port on the itelite enclosure and screw directly into the 2.4Ghz antennas.

Below is a sample look at the current kit spec all mounted up.  Mounting with the top of the pole above the tops of the antennas is a common trick to protect against lightning strikes (20cm is usually enough):

I'd prefer to see the stock antenna mounts getting the antennas farther from the pole for decreased RF shadow and better spatial diversity, but this could be easily remedied with a crossbar. For applications requiring less 5Ghz gain, a clean option might be to offer a 6-way radome.  I might get a chance to test this out in the near future.


  1. So is this both a transmitter and receiver? and does it also serve as a wifi node/hotspot? I am trying to set up a network mesh in my country and I need to know what equipments needed. I am confused as to if this device is all I need (buying hundreds of them) to set up my wifi network mesh/hotspot in a city.

  2. What is the update. How can I buy these models as I am getting ready to deploy in my country

  3. Is this all I would need to set up a system in my town and from where can I get it and how much? Thanks!