Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fabfi In Domus Magazine

Yesterday Amy and I received a belated Christmas present via DHL. Though we knew it was coming, we had no idea what it might be.  Upon opening it we discovered a thick, colorful book from Italy, entitled DOMUS.  Domus is an Italian architectural magazine packed full of colorful images and stories about art and design.  I'm always surprised how often Fabfi gets picked up in the design-world media.  Perhaps designers and architects are freer to follow ambitious visions undeterred by technical challenges of implementation; or maybe they just think fluorescent orange acrylic looks snazzy.  Either way, we're grateful for the publicity, and the clever re-rendering of my graphics as seen below (see how CC-BY-SA is useful!).  I'll refrain from commentary on the editorial itself, which is roughly historical in nature.  One geeky side point is that anyone with the magazine has all the data they need to build a Fabfi reflector.

Find the article online article HERE.

Happy New Year everyone!

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