Saturday, February 19, 2011

Capturing the moment

(now that I'm over the giddy part about being off-grid and on-line, time to make my actual point) 

It's easy to get spoiled living in place where a 1.5Mbps connection is the bargain-basement line and become utterly unable to appreciate how utterly life-altering it is to have a simple, reliable 200K of data connection.  Then you have a moment like the one captured in the screenshot below from Peter's computer (if it wasn't dark when this happened, I'd need to have one of Peter's expression that was just utter joyous disbelief)

After a day of permanently fastening cables, heatedly discussing the best pricing schemes [given our current reliance on mobile], and tromping around town to different locations looking for a backhaul link Peter and I sat down to take a look an audio issue with his laptops.  As it turns out, his hardware doesn't work out of the box on linux, so we had to search some forums and install some packages to fix the issue.

Just for fun, I thought I'd try to stream grooveshark while we were waiting for some stuff to install  (external speakers worked while internal ones didn't).  A minute or so of buffering later, we intersected the satisfaction of diagnosing and fixing a computer for free using online resources with the realisation of new technical possibilities (streaming) and the fully dominant music delivered by those possibilities. You may use the soundtrack below for recreating the moment in the comfot of your own home:

Joe Pug - Hymn 101 from Sam Molleur on Vimeo.