Friday, October 8, 2010

What We've been up to this past week

This past week (as the show ground demo came to a successful close  ) we set out to:

1. Bring up the Lavington (Wananchionline) link.
2. Set up 2-3 access points at AMURT Health Center- test them and allow some users to log into the network, and link the nodes to afrimesh dashboard.
3. Find willing residents to host our devices as we seek to extend our coverage deeper into the estate. far so good. 'Taking stock' bottom up; we have identified a few people who are willing to host our devices-this is a key component(and probably the key to the success of the project). Agreements one 'what they get in return' expected to vary from one host to another-but we look forward to mutually beneficial relationships with these wonderful people.  We indeed did set up three (temporary-we later took them down as we figure out design and fabrication of permanent mounting structures-this means the nodes can't be viewed on the afrimesh dashboard) access points to test coverage around the houses close to the health center. We did this along the roads.Some of the screen shots of the tests accompany this note. Some of the locations we carried out the tests from were behind trees (this significantly attenuates the signal, meaning we definitely have stronger signals within the compounds coz they are in clear view from the health center where we placed the devices).The devices tested were M2 nanostations. The sample screen shots were taken roughly 50 metres from the health center(this is a realistic radius if we care about doing good coverage). Outputs from picostations are expected next week. Lastly, the Wananchi Online link was not apparently well mapped and so the two days I visited the Lavington base station did not yield much. We hope to have this sorted out latest Monday 11. More details on the actual experience from the Lavington trips coming to the link:


  1. Betimes I've been very digruntled with Tor over the past years but y'alls performance over the past eighteen months has been great. Thank you!

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