Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Wachusett 10k

Lots has been happening in Fabfi land lately. Notably, we're almost at a 2.1 release that includes a built in splash page for LAN access and some fixes to mesh DNS entries. There was also some work on a feed element for the big Fabfi that could have gone better, but the big news is a new link record for the 4' reflector:


It's no world record by any means, but it is a new record for FabFi. Signal strength checked in at -77dbm, and ETX was nearly 1, though the bandwidth came back as only 747kbps--unexpectedly low for such a low ETX.

At any rate, the signal data here is completely consistent with what we see in Jbad. Depending on what our radio is actually putting out (19 or 24dBm), we have a reflector gain of either 11 or 13.5 dBi. some day we'll actually figure out the radio thing, I promise. More later (with pics), gotta get to class. (oi!)

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