Wednesday, January 28, 2009


After days of phone calls regarding a downed link at the Public Hospital, Brandon and I went to town to make a social call at their offices. Having already tunneled all the way down to their link, we knew everything was up and running, but we decided the social call would be worthwhile to prove a point. We arrived to a hero's welcome with tea and the usual accouterments, and the proceeded to point out that the ethernet cable coming from the antenna was simply not plugged in. (note: they plugged in this cable in the first place) Feeling particularly bold, we also tried to explain to the hospital director that his use of the wireless from the FabFi link was not correct, and that the hospital would need to get a wireless router for themselves. My guess is that this did not go over well, as the water tower, which receives power from the hospital, has been down since late yesterday afternoon. I hate to jump to conclusions, but it wouldn't be the first time we've seen this sort of reaction from the hospital, where politics trump all, even when it defies any reasonable logic.

On the technical side, all the netmasks on al lthe links have been changed to, and the SSIDs have been hidden without any negative effect on the network. Initially this change seemed to open up everything to everything, but after everything settled for half a day, we're now seeing the proper behavior of being able to ping up and across but never back down.