Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wireless Comm Resources

Thinking about performance today... I want to get double the throughput we're getting right now. Note the numbers we've been posting are not link speed, but actual data throughput, so don't compare to the 54Mbps number you see on the side of the box your wireless router came in. 54Mbps links only get about 22Mbps throughput before adding outside-the-protocol optimizations.
Some useful diagnostic functions is wl:
  • pktcnt - tells the number of good and bad packets sent/received
  • noise - tells the current noise threshold
  • fragthresh - sets fragmentation threshold
  • rtsthresh - sets rts threshold
Stuff that might be useful but I don't understand yet:
  • channel_qa / channel_qa_start
  • rm_req / rm_rep
  • (in wlc) afterburner (in wl) abminrate
  • frameburst