Sunday, December 14, 2008

And That's What it's All About.

This is the blog for the Fabbed Long-Range Wireless Antenna Project, which as of December 2008 is working on an installation in Jalalabad Afghanistan.

Like many developing countries, Afghanistan's basic infrastructure (roads, sewers, power grid, communications) is largely damaged, unmaintained or non-existent. Such lapses in infrastructure leave the country physically, economicaly and socially fragmented. While it is difficult for individuals to buld roads, string power lines or dig sewers to bridge existing gaps, meshed wireless data networks can allow individuals to build communication one link at a time.

The goal of the FabFi project is to lay groundwork for a user-implemented, locally-grown wireless community. Through FabLab Afghanistan, the FabFi team will train an initial cohort of local users capable of standing up wireless links using readily available materials. These users will gain valuable technical skills, opening up new economic opportunities to them and preparing them to lead a wave of viral network growth.

It is our hope that the FabFi infrastructure will quickly grow to support a vibrant, interconnected community whose users share ideas and learn from one another.


  1. A commendable effort, but knowledge that the NSA is snooping on every Internet-connected communication surely will have a muffling effect.

    Not only the Taliban but also the US military and the Afghan government are the enemies of the common folk. It requires an extra- (at in, beyond) technology solution. Maybe when the war is done?

  2. Hi enthusiasts out there ! i like this project and I'd like to join. The last date in this blog is January 2012. Is there an other place where the life is going on?

    1. Check out for a similarly-minded community